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Functional Medicine is the healthcare you choose if you feel that there is a more complete solution to your medical needs; a solution that encompasses many different strategies for achieving wellness, and that is not predominantly focused on medication - although that may also be of use. Utilising a holistic approach, which looks at every aspect of your life and seeks to understand the contributions these make to your health, creates a picture which is rarely seen in the conventional medical approach, where time is limited and focus is put on individual symptoms rather than looking at the root cause of these symptoms. By being able to see this picture, a functional medicine practitioner can create a holistic prescription, and in so doing, target the issues at source.


The aim of a Functional Medicine consultation is the formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan, with the intention of restoring you to your best self, and to fulfil your maximum health potential. Medication, herbal medication, supplements, detoxification, elimination diets, exercise, restoration of quality sleep, and reduction of stress can all play a part in this approach.  Utilising this approach takes time. A functional medicine doctor will work with you through the process, in conjunction with coaching  - if required - to help you make any lifestyle changes required.


I can help you re-discover your health, minimise the effects of chronic disease and find a way of living that enables you to be everything you can be. Many patients find after treatment, that they feel well in a way they've never felt before. Let me help you find your healthiest version of you.

Click through to find examples of conditions that are amenable to a functional medicine approach:
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