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Our journey will focus on you, but I’ll happily tell you a little of my own; 12 years as a military officer has seen me serve both in the UK and overseas, leading and working with a huge variety of people. I’ve seen active service and worked, amongst other things, as a training and development specialist, personal trainer and as a medical doctor.

My interests in health and wellbeing are lifelong and it is a field about which I am insatiably curious. Over the years I've gained and used qualifications in medicine, coaching, training delivery, and fitness, creating a one-of-a-kind profile as a wellbeing strategy consultant, coach & trainer, for individuals and for corporates.


At the heart of everything I've done - from training to fitness instructing, to practising medicine, has been the desire to develop and serve others, and to help them fulfil their potential. I find it incredibly rewarding helping the businesses I work with develop strategies to achieve their people’s goals and far beyond, harnessing their truly limitless potential. My unique path has provided me with a skillset that allows me to draw out that potential, and to provide guidance, training and advice that allows individuals and teams to find within them the confidence, the knowledge and the belief, that they are capable and deserving of living a truly healthy, exceptional life - both professionally, and personally.


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS)

  • BA (Hons) Physical Education

  • Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine (Dip IBLM/BSLM)

  • PG Dip Nutritional Medicine

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)

  • ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management 

  • BTEC Level 4 Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

  • CYQ Level 3 Personal Training

  • ABNLP - Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • DCTS Certificate of Coaching & Motivation

  • Qualified to deliver various psychometric tools and team development activities (SDI, Belbin, MBTI, Mobile Team Challenge)

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