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I've had the pleasure of speaking to a wide variety of audiences about a broad range of topics. I've had varied, exciting  and challenging life experiences to date, working for 12 years as a Royal Air Force Officer, seeing active service in Afghanistan, and lately, being very busy working in A&E during a pandemic - all of which contribute to creating an interesting and engaging speech.


I speak about Lifestyle Medicine as a central concept, educating listeners about what happens in the human body and mind as a result of lifestyle, explaining the science of stress and behaviour change, as well as inspiring people to make lasting and positive change in their lives.As an experienced corporate coach and trainer, I'm able to engage with and talk to people about how to catalyse change in their environments, both at home and at work, and to contextualise wellbeing into the workplace in a meaningful way, beyond just words and policies.


As well as the science, I can talk about my own story as a way of demonstrating adaptability, how we cope with change, and how mindset makes the biggest difference of all. As a suicide survivor who has dealt with the devastating impact of the suicide of a loved one, and who has been in life-changing situations in a war-zone, I understand what resilience is, and how adversity can be our greatest opportunity for growth and positive change.


With extensive training and education encompassing medicine, coaching, teaching, leadership, fitness and nutrition, I am able to draw on a huge knowledge base, and  speak with authority and credibility about my chosen subjects. I combine deep specialist knowledge with humour and enthusiasm, creating engaging and entertaining talks that are both impactful and memorable. Winner of the Speak Up Challenge ‘Most Inspirational Speaker’ award in 2019.

If you'd like me to speak at your event, virtually, or in person, I'd be delighted to discuss this with you. For more information, please see my speaking profile with Inspirational Speakers, who will be pleased to take your enquiry.

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