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I deliver coaching and training broadly encompassing wellbeing, but often with a more specific focus. Through exploration with the individual and/or team, I work to uncover personal struggles and barriers that may be blocking the realisation of potential. This is by its nature completely bespoke when dealing with individuals in the executive coaching work I do, but in a team setting, I will usually pair coaching with training, aiming to empower through education and knowledge around wellbeing, including stress, and physical and mental health, where applicable. This partnership of coaching and education enables the knowledge delivered to be contextualised, through the facilitation of careful self-reflection over the duration of the session/day/course. This approach is highly effective, providing a personalised understanding of information, and thereby encouraging greater engagement and motivation to create meaningful change long after the training has been delivered.  

While I readily use humour and compassion in my approach, I'm also a 'pull no punches' kind of trainer and coach; I want to inspire and motivate real change and progress in those I work with - be that as individuals or as teams. People I train and work with tend to be ready to work, to commit, and to throw themselves into a journey that sparks something new and that facilitates growth. If I'm working with you on a 1-1 basis, be aware that I take no prisoners; you can expect me to be direct and very honest with you - I will not let you make excuses, shy away from difficulty, nor abdicate your personal responsibility. I will challenge you, and push you.

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