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A well thought-out, relevant, and supported wellbeing strategy has clear benefits to any business. The recognition of the importance of wellbeing has seen increasing prevalence of wellbeing initiatives and strategies incorporated into many businesses globally. The challenge of implementing an effective program lies in employee engagement with it, and in creating something that is more than the right words on paper; something that is practically applicable, relevant, and accessible for all employees within the business, and also something that is kept fresh, evolving continuously to meet the needs of the people it serves. As our understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of existing programs has evolved, so too has our approach.


At the heart of all strategies, wellbeing included, engagement is the key that unlocks its potential.


Wellbeing is a huge umbrella term and a strategy therefore needs to address multiple areas within it. I utilise a holistic approach that aims to meet the needs of all individuals within an organisation through careful surveying, scoping perceived gaps at all levels of the business, and tailoring an offer to fill them.

If you'd like to explore the possibility of working with me to create, adapt or review your wellbeing strategy, please get in touch - I'd be delighted to set up a meeting to discuss your needs further.

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