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I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for many years and thought there was no way out before I discovered that there might be a different way than I'd been offered through the NHS. I booked with Dr Ruth and I am so glad I did! She has created a plan for me that is really working. Yes, it's taking time, but I really feel that the supplements and diet are helping as well as the lifestyle changes that she has recommended.

Dr Ruth is a kind and empathetic doctor and I felt immediately comfortable with her and actually listened to for the first time!

I finally feel that I am beginning to get my life back, I have more energy, I understand better how to pace myself and for the first time in a long time, feel hopeful about a brighter and more positive future for me and for my family. I can't tell you how important that has been for me.

Thank you so much Dr Ruth.

Kay, Worcester

To be honest I think people thought I was mad to consider an alternative approach when I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, but I don't like taking medication and wanted to look at other options.

The lifestyle plan that Ruth created for me has been working so well. It's been tough to completely change my diet, and I have to say I wasn't expecting to be taken into Ruth's gym and given an exercise programme too (she's very determined!)! I signed up to some health coaching along with the lifestyle plan and I think it's made a huge difference in helping me with sticking to the plan.

Ruth is extremely knowledgable about diet and exercise and obviously about the medical side of things too, as a doctor. She is also a lot of fun, really easy to talk to, and a great coach. She is helping me to change my life. Now I'm 8kg lighter, my blood sugar has reduced, and I'm a million times happier than I was - I am finally back in control of my health and I know this is change for life.

Ruth is a real star and absolutely worth the investment, after all what could be worth more than your health!?

Jas, Stourbridge

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