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Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based practice that helps individuals and families improve their health and quality of life by adopting and sustaining lifestyle behaviours, such as:

• Stopping smoking

• Improving diet

• Practicing stress relief techniques

• Increasing physical activity

Poor lifestyle choices are the root cause of modern chronic diseases, contributing to 70% of long term illnesses. Scientific evidence is clear: adults with common chronic conditions who adhere to a healthy lifestyle experience rapid, significant improvements in their health.


What does a consultation involve?

• Taking a detailed personal, family and medical history

• Exploring dietary, exercise and sleep habits; sources of stress and coping mechanisms

• Assessing health concerns and evaluating symptoms

• Performing a baseline medical assessment, including waist and hip measurements, weight and blood pressure.

• Where required, it may also involve review of a baseline blood panel, identifying risk factors for development of chronic or lifestyle-related conditions for which lifestyle interventions would be useful, such as diabetes or heart disease

• A coaching segment to draw out a personalised lifestyle self-care plan that you can implement and sustain.

You would benefit from a lifestyle medicine consultation if you have or struggle with:
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